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Sexy Sailor Submarine Pinup Girl Waterslide Decal Sticker S1181


This image measures just under 2 & 3/4 inches tall from the tallest point top to bottom and 52 inches wide at its widest point side to side and is printed on a 4 & 1/4 x 5 & 1/2 inch sheet of water slide material.

Important ordering information This is a Waterslide Decal Sticker and not a Peel and Stick Sticker. Water applies it and Water will remove it. Please keep this in mind when ordering. The uses for waterslides are only limited by your imagination.

The transparent water slides look great on light colored surfaces but will not show up on darker or black or transparent (glass) surfaces. There is no white print on transparent decals therefore any white areas shown on the image will take on the color of the surface they are placed on.

White water slides are completely opaque and white shown on the monitor will remain white on your object, they must be trimmed more carefully to prevent a white outline from showing on your object. If you have determined that white is the correct choice for your project, please be mindful that intricate designs with strings, ribbons or lettering that protrude beyond the image will be very difficult to trim.

Water slides are fabulous for guitars and indoor application and are not suitable for application to vehicles unless they will be clear-coated into the finish. Our decals can be used for guitars, toolboxes, gum machines, lockers, jewelry boxes and much much more. We have many custom chopper shops that opt to use our decals in their custom paint jobs instead of hand painting the designs which would cost much much more.

Water slides may not be compatible with all clear-coats, please utilize our tester to check compatibility.

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