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Pinup Model Building Nose Art decal 1:48 Olive Drab #343


A full 8 & 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of 252 Waterslide Decals or Transfers, 126 mirrored pair of different Vintage pinup girls that were popular during WWII. The images are all approximately 1/3 inch on the largest side. We created this particular sheet with model builders in mind. The broad variety of scale is because some of the images are seated while others are standing. Each of the images are provided in mirror image so if you need 1 for each side of your model, they are here.

We created this sheet with an olive drab background so they can be loosely trimmed and applied to olive drab surfaces for a more seamless appearance. This sheet is available only in white backed material and will arrive as pictured less any watermarks. Please refer to the second photo in this listing which features one of our olive drab decals installed. If you want this sheet for application to light surfaces instead of an olive drab surface, you would order our #30 and choose the transparent material.

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