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WWII Pinup Model Building Nose Art decals 1:72 to 1:32 #332


This may be the ultimate model builder sheet yet. A full 8 & 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of 90 pinup Waterslide Decals or Transfers. 45 matched pair of different Vintage pinup girls that were popular during WWII. The first three rows of decals are approximately 1/2 tall, the second three rows of decals are 3/4 inch tall and the last three rows are approximately 1 inch tall. The images were created in a matched pair so that the set could be used on both sides of an object and will point in the same directions.

Water-Slide Decals can help you transform most smooth surfaces into a work of art and so easy to use. We created this particular sheet with model builders in mind, however they would be a great size for decorating a guitar with multiple small decals or for headstock or jewelry application. The sheet may just contain the cutest and most extensive variety of Nose Art or Bomber Art on the market.

For this particular sheet of decals We highly recommend getting the transparent only (for light surfaces) as the white will be very difficult to trim without leaving large amounts of white around the edges. If the surface you wish to apply them to is dark or black, please contact us and we will try to help you out with a solution.

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