Is it disrespectful to place a pin-up on a flag?

Lately I have been posting a new pin-up with a background to greet the day on Facebook and posted just such a pinup on Memorial Day.  I also sell on eBay and am active on a few forums there.  This last Monday I posted my Facebook posting to the forum on eBay.  It was of a well known pinup that I had placed on the Liberty Bell clad in an American flag.  The background was a faded picture of the Riverside national cemetery with an American flag placed at each grave site.  Kneeling next to one of the grave sites was a soldier dressed in fatigues paying tribute to a fallen comrade, I thought it a fitting tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  The reception to my posting was very positive with one exception, one person felt it was disrespectful to place “a half necked woman” on the American flag.

I and others posted numerous examples of traditional Bomber Art to try to educate this person on the use of Pin-ups as a part of history.  Posted below is our tribute, what do you think… disrespectful or not?


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3 Responses to Is it disrespectful to place a pin-up on a flag?

  1. Gucci says:

    but what can I say? I don’t think it is disrespectful at all

  2. Pallan says:

    just nice!

  3. Laura Rivers says:

    hey all blogger found your site via yahoo.
    To your success your friend

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