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When I first started selling decals I was contacted by a man in Norway by the name of Steinar Gregertson and asked to do some custom decals for him.  We hit it off and stayed in contact.  He played a mean slide guitar and I loved his music…. He loved my decals.  He sent me one cd and I ordered the other one.  Time passed and I hadn’t heard from him for a while so I dropped onto his facebook page and found myself confused by what I was reading, much of which was in Norwegian.  It appeared that Steinar had passed away rather suddenly, he posted 2/22/12 and he was gone by 2/29/12.

I still cherish the music he sent me, one of my favorites was his version of Bad Moon Rising.  I couldn’t find that piece on youtube, but did find a piece he did called Northern Lights.  I hope you enjoy it

I put together this image in his memory and I hope he would have enjoyed it.


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