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Peter Driben

Peter Driben may be one of my favorite artists for creating decals, the images are  well drawn, proportional and a bit naughty while at the same time looking like the girl next door. (October 22, 1903 – September, 1968), an American … Continue reading

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Elvgren’s Inspirations

I thought it would be fun to show some of Elvgren’s original models next to the art he produced.  As I was writing this post all I could think of was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody…..”Is it the real thing?  Is this … Continue reading

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Alberto Vargas

Born in Arequipa, Peru, Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chávez moved to the United States in 1916 after studying art in Europe prior to World War I. He was the son of noted Peruvian photographer Max T. Vargas. His early career … Continue reading

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Pin Up Artist Gillette Elvgren

Gillette Elvgren (1914 – 1980) Gillette Elvgren was born in 1914 and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota where his father operated a paint store. He created billboard, poster and magazine illustrations but is most famous for his pin-up art, much … Continue reading

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