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Can I use waterslides on my vehicle?

I spend years telling people that waterslides weren’t appropriate to use on vehicles.  Thanksgiving 2014 we put both waterslides and vinyls on my brother’s car.  When he came back out for Christmas, he had already removed the vinyls but the … Continue reading

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We just added some new pin-up images

We added a few new Pinup images to our web-site.  Think Zombies. So What do you think?  Enough Gore?  We created these images to honor Zombie month – October.  

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Applying a water slide decal to a guitar

Cut out your image using a standard pair of sharp household scissors, for intricate decal you may need to use an Xacto Knife to clean out tight corners.  Many vendors recommend using an Xacto knife to completely trim the decals, … Continue reading

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Should I clear-coat over my water slide decal or not?

The simple answer is… It depends on where you will be applying the decal and how permanent you want the decal to be.  If you will be applying your decal to an item that will be exposed to the elements … Continue reading

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Why use Water slides on Guitars instead of Vinyl Stickers?

You would NEVER get this look with a vinyl decal. What’s more, did you know that vinyls can damage the finish of some guitars? The adhesive in the sticker has a solvent in it that actually attacks a nitrocellulose finish. … Continue reading

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Peter Driben

Peter Driben may be one of my favorite artists for creating decals, the images are  well drawn, proportional and a bit naughty while at the same time looking like the girl next door. (October 22, 1903 – September, 1968), an American … Continue reading

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Is it disrespectful to place a pin-up on a flag?

Lately I have been posting a new pin-up with a background to greet the day on Facebook and posted just such a pinup on Memorial Day.  I also sell on eBay and am active on a few forums there.  This … Continue reading

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New Image with a story

When I first started selling decals I was contacted by a man in Norway by the name of Steinar Gregertson and asked to do some custom decals for him.  We hit it off and stayed in contact.  He played a … Continue reading

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White Waterslide Decals

I recently was perusing the internet and found a post in a forum from some guitar owners expressing their dissatisfaction on white decals for dark surfaces, they weren’t our decals that were mentioned but the facts are the same.  I … Continue reading

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Elvgren’s Inspirations

I thought it would be fun to show some of Elvgren’s original models next to the art he produced.  As I was writing this post all I could think of was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody…..”Is it the real thing?  Is this … Continue reading

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